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Summer Dining goes French Riviera chic

This summer take your al fresco dining to new heights with this new exquisite range of china and glassware from CôtéTable available only from LOFT in Naxxar

Long, lazy lunches and balmy evening dinners al fresco are an integral part of Mediterranean life. Picture summer on your terrace or in your garden, luxuriating over a light lunch or elegant dinner with friends: what better way to chill (and to impress) than with a delicious meal, a crisp Chablis Premier Cru and an amazing new range of china and glassware?

This summer take your al fresco or on-board dining to new heights with an exquisite range of china and glassware from CôtéTable, available exclusively at LOFT in Naxxar.

The new CôtéTable range, from France, showcases the contemporary and beautiful to make your table the star of the show. Aqua blues that reflect the Mediterranean are touched with gold and silver seahorses and anemones to create glamour and elegance. Almost too beautiful to use, these plates and dishes enhance both the table and the cabinets, however you choose to use them.

LOFT also carries a full range of plates, dishes and bowls, sold in sets of four, to allow you dress your table for breakfast, lunch or dinner and to add to your collection as you choose. Perfect for gifts, or just because you deserve these lovely items, the motif of turtles, and jellyfish, whales and sea urchins is exquisitely executed across the range to evoke sun and sea wherever you are.

The distinct design allows this china to stand alone, but for a more formal setting, a range of linen napkins, jade table mats, teak handled cutlery and striking glassware will add to the individual style of your dinner or lunch table. All available from LOFT.

Should you or your guest be the person who prefers to eat in the cool splendour of the dining room, LOFT have other full ranges of high quality, beautifully designed bamboo patterned plates and bowls and platters which allow you to create your own mini Raffles style dinner. Or think Keralese luxury houseboats and exquisite Indian feasts and your dining table design skills, as well as your hospitality, will impress the most exacting guest.

A centrepiece is always the pièce de résistance of a talked about table: flower arrangements are a beautiful option and true mark of the host or hostess’s taste and style. But sadly, with allergies rampant, one person’s divine arrangement is another’s evening ruined with rhinitis. Silk flower arrangements are the perfect way forward: you still get to hone your creative skills in terms of choice, colour, design and size but without any risk to your more sensitive guests. LOFT has a choice, for even the most particular florist, as well as a range of contemporary and classic vases and receptacles.

Whether it’s Downton Abbey style dining or a simple family lunch that you are hosting, LOFT is the destination for the accoutrements for your table that will make it the talk of the summer. Happy browsing.


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