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The Gozitan food experience - not to be missed

Organic, artisan and authentic foods and wines - Vini e Capricci of Gozo

Catching up with George Borg and the delightful team at Vini e Capricci was another much-anticipated visit to see the very best that Gozo offers in local produce. Fuse together the finest culinary Gozitan products - add international fine foods, premium wines, champagnes and whiskies, mix in heaps of passion and tradition and you have all that is Vini e Capricci.

The Gozitano Agricultural Village in Xewkija, on Malta’s sister island Gozo, is the home of the highly regarded Abraham’s group which includes Vini e Capricci delicatessen, an extensive wine cellar, an Event Hall for conferences or private dining and, recently, a very exciting collection of masters’ paintings made available for investment.

Vini e Capricci is all about the experience. The team work hard to ensure that each customer benefits from the complete offering. Focus on detail is paramount when it comes to delivering an all-round adventure for customers – one can look, taste, drink and shop. A unique approach of sampling before you buy is what makes it such a treat.

What makes this treasure trove of foods so special? For us it’s the care and love that every product has had wrapped around it from the careful sourcing of local farmers who use the original methods of making ġbejniet (sheep’s milk cheeselets) to the state of the art techniques of infusing lemon, thyme and rosemary into production. There’s also the advanced methods of creating Gozitan sea salts with different flavours including red wine; the separation of olive oils and introduction of essences to enhance salads, cheeses and much more. Home-produced honey is a speciality at Vini e Capricci along with clover production and jars of local pollen.

Vini e Capricci hold special events whereby customers can attend tasting sessions – again adding to their much heralded all-round customer experience.

Put simply, Vini e Capricci is about gathering simple local produce and taking it to the highest level. The team work tirelessly to ensure they remain at the forefront of their industry

Find out more about their new organic produce line

Published TEMPLE Magazine 2017/18

Copyright: Temple Concierge Ltd.

Images Copyright: Temple Magazine


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