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The Maltese Islands: Home to beautiful locations to explore with a yacht

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

The archipelago of the Maltese Islands offers beautiful areas to experience on board your own yacht. The Maltese seas offer crystal clear blue waters, 300 days of sunshine, a stunning coastline, and much much more.

Boat by Azimut Malta by Esprit yachting

Here are some of the top locations we think you should visit on your trip with a yacht.


Located in the Southern region of Malta, Delimara is located between the Maltese Traditional Towns of Marsaskala and Marsaxlokk. It is home to gorgeous locations such as the popular St Peter’s Pool and Kalanka Bay.The sea at St. Peters Pool is crystal clear with an amazing azure and light green colours and offers excellent snorkelling opportunities. The flat rocks around St Peter’s Pool provide perfect sunbathing areas and the high rocks offer some shade from the strong sun.

Nearby St Peter’s pool is the quieter Kalanka Bay. Il Kalanka bay is one of the most beautiful and stunning natural swimming pools in Malta. It is well hidden in the southeast of Malta, settled at the very top of Delimara area.


Comino, which is the the island situated between Malta and Gozo whihc measues just 3.5sqm. It is home to Saint Mary’s Tower, which dates back to 1416 and also a small Roman Catholic Chapel located just above Santa Marija Bay.

The best known hotspot in Comino is the Blue Lagoon – a stretch of clear blue waters bettween comino and its very small sister island, Comiotto. The scenery in the blue lagoon has to bee seen to be beleived, and has been used in a number of Hollywood films. It would be best to visit the Blue Lagoon during early evening to experience less tourism and the sunset experience.

While visiting Comino, you can also experience the beauty of Santa Maria Bay, small, sandy beach, quieter than its popular neighbour. Even though Santa Maria Bay is not as beautiful and breathtaking as the Lagoon, it is a better option for the bathers looking for some relaxation. Santa Maria Bay has shallow, clear waters.

Dwejra Bay

Situated in Western end of Gozo, Dwejra was home to the once famous Azure Window which sadly, crumbled and fell into the watery depths a few year ago. However, this area is still well worth a visit with your yacht. During your visit, it is not hard to see the dramatic coastal formations that have to be seen to be believed whilst you can navigate through the ‘inland’ sea next to fungus rock, or even go for a swim in in the inland sea. The area is a prominent area for divers, as it offers an amazing underwater diving experience.

The Grand Harbour

The Grand Harbour, is one of the most beautiful natural and uncut harbours in the world. Widely known as the Port of Valletta, it is bursting with history and incredible panoramic views, which include the walled city of Valletta on one side and the historic three cities of Cottonera (Birgu, Bormla, Isla) on the other. It offers sailors a truly breathtaking experience. Whilst you are there, you can also drop an anchor at one of the Marinas and enjoy fresh seafood and local wine on the side of the harbour. Alternatively, you can sit and watch numerous cruise ships and ferries that sail through the port. From the port, one can also experience the beautiful outside look of Valletta, Malta’s Capital.


On the other end of the Valletta peninsula, one finds Sliema and the Manoel Island, another iconic venue for Malta’s Film Industry and a stunning view from the seaside area.You can also stop for a few hours to combine the trip with some shopping and entertainment, as Sliema is regarded as the shopping and entertainment centre of the island. For those that are looking for a bit of glamour with their yachting experience, stopping in Sliema will give you access to all ofthe best establishments, as well as offering beautiful views of the towns, particularly in the evening when they are full of twinkling lights.

Ghar Lapsi

Ghar Lapsi is located in Siggiewi at the south coast of Malta. Ghar Lapsi is a small rocky inlet and one of the few places where the sea can be entered from shore along the southern coastline. Flanked by the splendid Dingli Cliffs and a stones throw from the small island of Filfla, Ghar Lapsi is a wonderful place to sail.

Ghar Lapsi offers many shallow dive sites - beautiful, more than 40m long cave system with multiple cracks and holes that allow plenty of sunlight to seek in, various reefs with some nice walls and caves (Finger Reef, Middle Reef, and Black John).

Given its stunning beauty, Ghar Lapsi is surely one of the places to visit whilst going around with your yacht.

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