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The Rolex Green Room launches first exciting exhibition in Valletta.

At the Rolex Boutique in Republic Street Valletta, there is a stairwell that leads to a hidden space away from the hustle and bustle of the city, aptly named the ‘Green Room’ gallery. The name ‘Green Room’ is historically associated with showbiz, most commonly given to a backstage area where the talented performers wait before they go on stage. Synonymous with Rolex, the colour green permeates throughout the identity of the brand, an iconic shade that is instantly associated with the world’s most famous luxury watches. The ‘Green Room’ gallery will be a hidden gem in the heart of the city, exhibiting some of the most exceptional local and international art and design.

The name is also closely linked to the first exhibition which will be held in this space. For the launch of the ‘Green Room’ gallery, a collection of new works from internationally-renowned Maltese photographer Kurt Arrigo will be on display. His photographs were recently featured at the 2019 Oscars which were used as a background for the Rolex Green Room at the awards ceremony. The images were blown-up and displayed on the walls, giving the impression of actually being submerged in a fascinating underwater world once you entered the room.

Malcolm Lowell and Kurt Arrigo
Malcolm Lowell and Kurt Arrigo
“As we launch the newest addition to the Edwards Lowell brand, who is more fitting than world-class Maltese photographer Kurt Arrigo to inaugurate our ‘Green Room’ gallery with his remarkable exhibition. It has been a pleasure to witness his inspirational evolution and growth. His philosophies and work ethic truly encapsulate the spirit of Edwards Lowell” – Malcolm R. Lowelll – Edwards Lowell – Managing Director 

Kurt, who is most famous for capturing sea-life like no other, says that this new collection highlights the relationship between humans and the ocean which covers more than two-thirds of our planet.  Without it, we could not survive so we must strive to respect and protect it. The photographs capture a deep-sea world, in which few of us can ever experience.

“It is privilege to share part of my visual journey with Edwards Lowell with whom I have collaborated for many years. “ Kurt Arrigo
Rolex Green Room Valletta
Rolex Green Room Valletta

The collection will be on display from 19th September and can be viewed by request at our Rolex Boutique, 46 Republic Street, Valletta.

For more information kindly contact or call +35627444400.


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