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Roderick Cutajar, CEO of immVest International, showcases Malta

As CEO of immVest International, Roderick Cutajarbelieves passion, commitment and dedication are what distinguishes his Company from the other Companies offering similar services and these are the values that energise him and keep him fresh-faced.

But, immVest International’s strongest asset is the experience Cutajar brings to the business, having spent decades in strategic leadership positions including the responsibility for setting up the Malta Residency Visa Agency in 2016. By the time he came to leave in 2019 to set up his business, Cutajar had secured a large number of applicants from across the globe to the island.

These are the solid foundations immVest International was built on. And, although COVID-19 hit five months after it was set up, shuttering businesses and grounding airlines across the globe, all the air miles Cutajar had clocked up in previous years, travelling the world to attend as guest speaker of large immigration Companies, meant he had secured a strong network of reliable contacts comprising of entrepreneurs, wealthy families and friends to take off with confidence.

Linking the words ‘immigration’ and ‘investment’ to coin his brand, immVest International provides the go-to advisory platform for high level investors seeking to acquire a second residency or citizenship by investment in Malta, Europe or elsewhere.

immVest International is approved by the Community Malta Agency as an official accredited agent for the Malta Permanent Residency Programme and the Residency to Citizenship Programme. This prestigious programme allows applicants the right to live, work and study in the 27 EU countries, and enjoy freedom to travel with visa-free access to 182 countries worldwide. On the other hand, the Malta Permanent Residence Programme provides prospective beneficiaries the right to settle in Malta or Gozopermanently.

Cutajar’s intricate knowledge of every single document required to process each application paralleled with his experience in due diligence processing, provides prospective applicants a sense of reassurance and confidence.

The Company also offers additional ancillary services including: Government Immigration by Investment Advisory Services, Due Diligence and Compliance, VIP Concierge services, Yachting related services and other Corporate services in partnership with licensed providers. Its sister company, immVest Properties Limited, also provides investors with a list of lucrative real estate investment opportunities and project management in Malta and Europe.

Cutajar and his team of trustworthy and knowledgeable advisors focus their business on establishing international B2B partnerships with various law firms, family offices, real estate agents, developers, and other key stakeholders.

Having established a presence in China and in other Countries, Cutajar and his team are now focusing their energies on showcasing what immVest International andMalta has to offer world-wide.

As a hidden gem in the Mediterranean, Malta and Gozooffer yachts secluded coves with dazzling blue seas, a good dose of vitamin D with year-round sunshine, a history going back 7,000 years, and a cosmopolitan mix of vibrant nightlife, top restaurants, luxurious hotels and secluded country walks.

While COVID-19 may have dealt a direct hit to travelling, according to Cutajar it has not dampened the interest of high-net-worth individuals seeking to invest in residency and citizenship programmes to provide a back-up plan for themselves, their families and their businesses.

In a world of closed economic borders with restrictions on travel and the movement of assets, these individuals are seeking flexible solutions that may not be available to them in their home country and to complement their existing arrangements.

Although residency and citizenship by investment programmes are many a time criticized Cutajar stresses that the majority of applicants he has come face to face with —and there have been hundreds — were well-intentioned, legitimate investor migrants seeking to tap new opportunities. Conceding that inadequate due diligence systems and a lack of effective governance harmed these programmes, Cutajar believes outlawing them is not the solution. The way forward was singling out the flaws and developing sophisticated vetting mechanisms designed to sift out shady characters.

It has become a way of living for wealthy individuals and families to invest in a second permanent residency or Citizenship. Cutajar goes on to say that his objective is to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

Looking ahead, Cutajar is confident that Malta will continue to attract first class investors and that these programmes will continue to thrive as they are a win-win solution for the hosting country and the applicant. Cutajar’svision is to position immVest international as a leader in investment migration services.

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